POLARIS Orientation Program

This purchase option gives the individual user access to the total package of 13 modules plus an orientation program, which includes a learner guide and a preceptor guide.
  • Module 1: Hospice and Palliative Nursing Overview
  • Module 2: Exploring the Interdisciplinary Team, Care Coordination, and Settings
  • Module 3: Facilitating Patient and Family Communication
  • Module 4: Performing a Holistic Assessment for the Seriously Ill
  • Module 5: Assessing Pain: Principles and the Use of Validated Tools
  • Module 6: Managing Pain: Nonpharmacological and Pharmacological Interventions
  • Module 7: Managing Symptoms: Cardiac and Respiratory
  • Module 8: Managing Symptoms: GI, GU, and Integumentary
  • Module 9: Managing Neurological and Psychological Symptoms
  • Module 10: Illness Progression and Urgent Syndromes Overview
  • Module 11: Care of the Patient Nearing the End of Life
  • Module 12: Exploring Ethical Issues in Palliative Care
  • Module 13: Integrating Self-Care Strategies

POLARIS Package or Orientation Program Purchases: Refunds are permitted within 15 days of purchase of the POLARIS Package or POLARIS Orientation Program minus a $75 administrative fee. No refunds will be provided if a CE certificate has been awarded. No refunds or cancellations will be permitted beyond 15 days after purchase. Please contact the HPNA Education Department in regard to cancellations at educatio[email protected]. Cancellation requests must be received in writing.

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