NA- What the Nursing Asst Needs to Know about Medications

NA- What the Nursing Asst Needs to Know about Medications
What the Nursing Assistant Needs to Know about Medications, presented by Cassia Chevillon, RN, MSN, CCRN. Nursing assistants spend more time with the patient and family than any other member of the team, therefore it is important for them to be aware of some things in regard to medications that the patients they work with may be taking. In this presentation, you will learn about many things to watch for when working with a patient in regard to medications. Common side effects to some of the most often used medications in hospice patients are discussed. In addition, a list of less-common side effects to opioid medications is also reviewed. The presentation reviews what to look for and what to report to the hospice team that may be important and related to the medications that the patient is using.

Course created in December 2014.

Note: The first few slides are written material to read. Audio starts on the 4th slide.

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