NA - Caring for the Patient with Congestive Heart Failure

NA - Caring for the Patient with Congestive Heart Failure
Caring for the Patient with Congestive Heart Failure: The Role of the Nursing Assistant presented by Catherina Madani, RN, MSN, CHPN. In this presentation, Catherina discusses Congestive Heart Failure and aspects of it important to the role of the Nursing Assistant in the health care setting. She starts off explaining what heart failure is, different types of heart failure, and the function of the heart. Next, she discusses the progression of the disease and interventions and technologies are currently available to help those experiencing heart failure.

Additionally, she discusses signs and symptoms to be aware of and what to report to the team that you may notice in the patient. Then, she goes on to explain what can be done to help improve the quality of life for the patient with heart failure.

This course was most recently reviewed in January 2017.

Note: The first few slides are written material to read. Audio starts on the 4th slide.

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